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Chancos Grant may lose it’s recreation area

As anyone heard of the situation in the Chancos Grant neighborhood in James City County ?

It seems that the developer deeded a parcel to be used as a recreation area. It was intended to be owned by a Chancos Grant Home Owners Association. Unfortunately an association was never formed and the lot was never transferred to the non- existent association.

According to the proffers for the development the recreation area was to enjoyed and owned jointly by all landowners with Chancos Grant.

The situation came to  light at a recent Board of Supervisors meeting when a rezoning request was heard from interested buyer who wants to build a home on the parcel.

After a few questions by the Board of Supervisors it was discovered that the recreation area was sold by James City County in 2002 at a tax auction. The developer had failed to pay the taxes on the property and so it was sold on the courthouse steps.  Had the County

Almost all of the Chancos Grant homeowners who were present indicated they do not want a home built on the lot. Two adjoining property owners spoke indicating they purchased their homes because of the adjacent lot and that they understood it could never be built on.

After numerous questions were poses the Board of supervisors deferred the case to the fall, concerned that the county had auctioned a recreational parcel to a private owner, depriving Chanco’s Grant residents of the park they expected.

Powhatan supervisor Jim Icenhour said“It sounds like we had a role in this,” Grove supervisor Bruce Goodson agreed, concerned that “our treasurer took a parcel called ‘recreational area’ and sold it on the courthouse steps.”

Let’s see how the county handles this. One option floated was a possible purchase funded with a rebate of the property taxes that shouldn’t have been charged in the first place.

The County Attorneys office is looking into whether the Chancos Grant Home owners were served notice at the time as well as any rights and interests that they may retain.

Ultimately,it is hoped that  the county, the owner and subdivision residents can reach an amiable resolution.

If you live in Chancos Grant I would lover to hear your comments.

Here is a map of the recreation lot in question.


One Response

  1. The county sold the piece of land for back taxes. At what point did taxes become due on land zoned recreational? At what point did someone change the zone from recreation and put 35a on the lot? Who changed the zoning? Who authorized the sale? What is their relationship to the purchaser? Was that legal? Was there no thorough title search made? Was that legal?

    Is the printed word on a legal document worthless now? Means nothing? This whole thing was illegal and letting it stand is illegal as well. The county needs to pay the man his money back.

    That property belongs to the neighborhood and every person in the hood has a share in it. HOA was not and is not required, nor is one wanted. That is an important part of what we signed up for and we did sign our names and commit our finances to the agreement. Someone from outside the neighborhood comes along and changes the rules… that just is not possible. At least it’s not fair.

    I will be watching how this unfolds very closely because if it comes out like I think it’s going to come out then I’m going to sell Michael and Anita’s house. By the time they get back from Germany it will be a done deal and all just too bad. Then, since Nat and Amy weren’t at the meeting I’ll just go ahead and sell theirs and it will be all over before they know of it, too.

    As for the gentleman who is concerned about insurance and paying when a child falls down, get real.

    If the neighborhood is required to set aside space for a park – they sold our space but I assume we are still required to provide space for a neighborhood park so does that mean that we will be forced to purchase another lot from somebody for that space. I bet you already have somebody that you know and love that could use an extra 50,000 that’s ready to sell us a piece of swampland on time for around 70000. I’m sorry. It all looks like a set up to me. Buy the land and see if you can get it rezoned. He took a risk. He owns a piece of land that he can’t build on and he knew it when he bought it. That’s pure speculation and he lost. I shouldn’t have to pay for his lost. My house had quest plumbing when I bought it and I knew at some point it was going to start going and it is and I’m paying for it but I’m not asking the county to pay for that.

    It is my belief that this man was speculating on land. Somebody told him, I wonder who?, that the taxes hadn’t been paid and it was up for grabs. He tried it and failed. He lost. That means it cost him $30,000. That doesn’t mean that I lost. He lost his money. Why shouldn’t he be out his 30000? So he tried to buy the Brooklyn Bridge or that piece of beach property in Arizona. I shouldn’t have to pay for it. You can’t cheat an honest man. He tried it. We didn’t’ come to try to cheat him, he’s trying to cheat us. When are they going to rezone the Brooklyn Bridge? Do you think they even listen to that in NYC any more? He should possibly be suing the county for fraud?

    Required by law to have a greenspace.
    We had a greenspace.
    The county sold the greenspace that we are required to have. Will they do that to other neighborhoods, unless the neighborhood has someone elected in their HOA to watch the county. Why should we have to “watch” the county, “watch” our backs from our government.
    Will we have to buy another one?

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