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More Chinese Drywall Issues in Hampton Roads/ VA Beach

A builder has told homeowners in the Highland Parish neighborhood in VA Beach that it thinks some of their homes may have been built with tainted Chinese-made drywall.

John Ainslie, Ainslie Group president for construction, sent a letter to some homeowners in the Highland Parish  community stating that Chinese produced drywall may have been installed by a subcontractor without the builder’s knowledge. Highland Parish is a community of 81 homes, located in the Southern Kempsville area of Virginia Beach, Virginia. was built by Virginia Beach-based Ainslie Group.

According to Ainslie , The Ainslie Group’s contract with its drywall supplier required the supplier to use U.S. Gypsum drywall or an acceptable substitute.

Knauf chinese drywallThe builder said it planned to inspect homes to determine whether the drywall is present but gave no indication in the letter that the company planned to remediate the homes if the tainted building material is found.

Ainslie who is a  past president of the Tidewater Builders Association,(TBA)  was named to a task force of homebuilders from across the nation to advise government agencies investigating the effects of Chinese-made drywall. The group, will act as a resource for government agencies involved in the investigation and will also advise national legislators on policies and legislation designed to address the problem.

He has been a builder developer in Hampton Roads since 1984, and also serves on the Virginia State Building Codes Technical Review Board, an appointment from Governor Mark Warner.

One Highland Parish homeowner , Greg Woodson, who purchased his home in August 2006 for $595,000  has had numerous electrical appliances fail and has had to replace several air conditioning coils.

Woodson, who lives with his wife and two children in the four-bedroom home, said he hopes Ainslie will offer to fix the home.


Signs You Have Chinese Drywall

Just Beyond Sight

Defective Chinese drywall itself has no visible defects, which in turn can make it difficult for consumers to tell by the label whether or not they are to be affected. It’s not until the consumer has moved into their home do they experience the defective signs of the drywall.

Metal Corrosion

The toxic emissions then take over expensive household appliances like air conditioning units’ and their evaporator coils, TV’s, refrigerators, plumbing and gas appliances, electrical outlets, and circuit breakers. Copper pipes and wires are corroded and a black coating is present due to a hazardous chemical reaction caused by the emissions. Other non-safety related symptoms include tarnishing and degrading of other metallic components like pictures frames, light fixtures, silver jewelry and mirrors.

The U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has had multiple organizations propose that sulfur-reducing bacteria may be a source for sulfur emissions from problems drywall.

Affected Locations

Warm and Humid Climates Hit Hardest

In the United States, most complaints concerning Chinese Drywall have come from states in the Southeast, where a warm and humid climate seems to encourage the emissions. The states of Florida (59%), Louisiana (20%), Mississippi (6%) and Alabama (5%) made up 90% of the 3,082 cases reported to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) as of April 2, 2010. More than 700 complaints had been filed with the Florida Department of Health. Sources estimated that from 60,000 to 100,000 homes could be affected.

Number (and Percentage) of Reports by State
chinese drywall williamsburg va

To date, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has received about 3,602 reports from residents in 38 States, the District of Columbia, American Samoa, and Puerto Rico who believe their health symptoms or the corrosion of certain metal components in their homes are related to the presence of drywall produced in China. State and local authorities have also received similar reports.

Consumers largely report that their homes were built in 2006 to 2007, when an unprecedented increase in new construction occurred in part due to the hurricanes of 2004 and 2005. Common features of the reports submitted to the CPSC from homes believed to contain problem drywall have been:

  • Consumers have reported a "rotten egg" smell within their homes.
  • Consumers have reported health concerns such as irritated and itchy eyes and skin, difficulty in breathing, persistent cough, bloody noses, runny noses, recurrent headaches, sinus infection, and asthma attacks.
  • Consumers have reported blackened and corroded metal components in their homes and the frequent replacement of components in air conditioning units.

Chinese Versus American Drywall

Contaminated With Sulfur

Due to the U.S shortage of plasterboard and drywall following the string of hurricane disasters that hit Florida homes, building contractors’ outsourced materials from China help keep up with the construction demands at the time. Prior to the natural disaster, drywall had before been imported from China without defect problems. Investigations by the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) discovered that the defect in drywall is parallel with sulfuric levels found in Chinese “gypsum” mines, where the material is extracted from beneath the ground. The center of the Chinese mine controversy is located in the LuNeng mine, within the ShanDong province. The gypsum ore and the finished Chinese drywall are both sources of unpleasant sulfur-like odors. American Drywall samples contained similar substances, but generally at much lower levels and certainly did not exude the foul smells.


Subject to Rigorous Testing

American Drywall companies’ are commonly located in North America where they use synthetic gypsum material, or gypsum mined in North America, or a combination of both in their manufacturing. Right now, these companies are making considerable efforts to show consumers that they are both aware of the Chinese Drywall lawsuits, and have absolutely no associations with the problem Chinese made drywall. USG Corporation, one of the leading American gypsum companies, further stresses their regular product testing for purity, safety and production standards by company scientists and well as third party laboratories. These tests include chromatography, electron microscopy, spectroscopy and x-ray diffraction testing. American Drywall manufactures like USG Corporation are busy emphasizing the high-quality of their synthetic gypsum products to American consumers.

Millions of Sheets of Chinese Drywall Imported to U.S.

To date, the CPSC has confirmed that 5,503,694 sheets of Chinese Drywall were imported to the United States during 2006 alone. This is not the total of all defective imports as CPSC staffs are continuing to verify more shipments via the Customs and Border Protection databases. Unfortunately the CPSC’s effort in tracking an exact total is difficult, due to the duel use of same commodity code as acoustic or ceiling tiles.

Your Legal Options

If you or someone you know has installed drywall products in their home or commercial property since 2001 and experienced a strong sulfur odor or “rotten egg” smells, you should contact a physician immediately.

If you have suffered a personal injury and/or any property damage, and feel that you may need legal representation in this matter or are interested in more information on Chinese drywall litigation, please contact us, toll-free and an experienced attorney with Seeger Weiss LLP will assist you in evaluating your case concerning Chinese drywall.

Get the help you need

Attorney consultations incur no obligation on your part and all initial consultations are free of charge. Seeger Weiss LLP has office locations in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and California.

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55+ Active Adult Communities in Hampton Roads, VA

After a recent prospect came to town looking for a home in a 55+ community in Williamsburg I assumed as I always do that they would want to live here in Williamsburg, VA.  To my surprise they chose VA Beach over Williamsburg. ( A rare occurrence) It seems that they wanted to be closer to their kids who live in VA Beach so they purchased a home in West Neck a 55+ golf community in  Virginia Beach, Virginia .The West Neck community sits on a quiet 620 acres and features a beautiful 18 hole, 72-par, Arnold Palmer Signature golf course, designed by Arnold Palmer and Palmer Course Design Company, that presents holes ranging from 5,031 to 7,010 yards.  Eight distinct villages with a total of 930 homes comprise the West Neck  community.

To that I end I have compiled a list of most of the 55+ Active Adult communities in Hampton Roads. This includes the Chesapeake, Gloucester, Franklin, Portsmouth, Smithfield, Suffolk,  VA Beach, and Yorktown VA areas.

Chesapeake, VA -Eagle Pointe at Cahoon Plantation, One Ford Place, Legacy at Washington Arms, The Retreat At Greenbrier, Riverwalk, Monarch Walk, The Commons at Hunningdon, Sommerton

Gloucester , Va– Villas at Gloucester- Coming in 2010

Franklin, VA-Village at Woods End

Portsmouth, VA-Villas of River Pointe – Portsmouth

Smithfield, VA– Villas at Smithfield, Church Square

Suffolk, VA-The Seasons on Lake Meade

VA Beach, VA-Bay Village Condos, West Neck, Chelsea Place, Atlantic Shores

Williamsburg, VA-Colonial Heritage Gated Active Adult Community, Villas At Five Forks, The Settlement at Powhatan Creek

Yorktown, VA-Rainbrook Villas, Villas at Yorktown

Click here for the current map. I will continue to add new communities as they become available. If you know of any I missed please let me know

If you would like an email with prices and specifications for all homes , town homes, condos in 55+ communities in Williamsburg or Hampton Roads VA click here 

View 55+ Active Adult Communities in Hampton Roads , VA in a larger map</small


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