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School violence reports for Williamsburg/ Hampton Roads Virginia

Question :We are thinking of moving/ buying a home in Williamsburg VA or nearby York County, James City County, New Kent County Virginia and are wondering how to find out how violent a school is in the Williamsburg VA area as well as school in James City County, Newport News, Hampton, Poquoson, Isle of Wight, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Va Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Suffolk and the surrounding areas ?

Answer. You can go here to the Dept of Education website for the State of Virginia and look up any incident of crime or violence.

The Charts & Reports feature on the DOE website can provide any of the following Information about Reported Incidents in schools,Information about Offenses and their frequency in schools ,Information about Student Offenders ,Information about Non-student Offenders and Information about the Disciplinary Outcomes that resulted from the student offenses .

You can search for these reports for any school in the state of Virginia. Do realize that not all principals or schools report offenses in the same manner. I know principals in different school districts who confirm that incidents are reported differently in area schools. The site will allow you to search by:

School Year ,School Division – up to 2 at a time,,School Type i.e. elementary, middle, or high school,School Name – up to 20 at a time, Offense Category (groups of like offenses) – 1 at a time ,Offense Type – up to 8 at a time ,Discipline Type – for Disciplinary Outcomes and Student Offenders charts only  and Time Element – for Incident Frequency, Offense Frequency and Non-student Offenders charts only

School Options in the Williamsburg Virginia Area Mr Williamsburg.com Update

www.MrWilliamsburg.com Williamsburg Virginia Real Estate Search MLS/ HOmes For SaleI have had quite a few relocating clients ask me about private school choices in the Williamsburg area. Here is an excellent article from the Daily Press that give a great personal insight into each of the options. I will state that we have our two children in public school here in James City County/ Williamsburg Schools. Our experience has been fantastic. Great Teachers, Administration, facilities and support staff.

For those who can afford private school, the choice between private and public school in Williamsburg/James City County isn’t as simple as one or the other. For a number of reasons, parents move their children from one to the other and sometimes back again.

Williamsburg Montessori School

Ed Turner and Anne Lee Paxton have sent their daughter, Ashlee Paxton-Turner, to public school her entire school career. Ashlee will graduate from Jamestown High this year near the top of her class and her parents couldn’t be happier with how the public schools have served their daughter.

Their son Nicholaus, however, after attending kindergarten at Rawls Byrd Elementary, is now in his first year at Williamsburg Montessori School.

For Nicholaus’ parents, it wasn’t a failure on the part of the public school system. It was Nicholaus’ response to a summer program at Williamsburg Montessori.

Paxton says, “At the end of the second week, it seemed to really fit him and excite him. For me, it’s not public versus private. It was a Montessori experience. Wherever he’s happy is where he’ll go.”

The Paxton-Turners prefer Williamsburg Montessori for Nicholaus for the school’s family environment and because of what they view as testing-centered instruction now being used at public schools.

Turner says instruction at Williamsburg Montessori is “more a concept of learning than being pushed to do well on a standardized test. It’s not performance based. He becomes responsible for what he is doing.”

Providence Classical School

Rachel McGregor-Lugo is a fourth-grader at Providence Classical School, but she spent first through third grade at D.J. Montague Elementary.

Rachel’s parents, Jorge Lugo and Sherrye McGregor, were concerned about overcrowding, safety in the parking lot at D.J. Montague and influence from other students.

According to Lugo, “Things were not bad, Rachel was doing well, but we thought she might do a little better in a different environment. A trend at D.J. Montague was a growing student body and not enough space. They were actually putting up trailers.”

Lugo hasn’t given up on public school. Because Providence Classical ends with eighth grade, Lugo speculates, “We’re thinking public school at that point. We may rethink that.”

Walsingham Academy

A need for academic challenge, Catholic education and an interest in an athletic program all convinced Paula and Robert Wilson to transfer their son, Robbie, to Walsingham Academy from West Point Public Schools.

Robbie finished ninth grade at West Point High when he and his parents decided to make the change. Robbie attended an open gym for basketball over the summer at the school and bonded with Coach Billy Barnes and fellow players.

Paula Wilson says, “Robbie ranked really high in his class and we just wanted an academic challenge. He enjoys sports and he bonded with the kids at Walsingham.”

She also points out that her family has no problem with public school. Her younger son is a student in the West Point school system. For the Wilsons, Walsingham Academy was the right fit for Robbie.

“We are Catholic and he was excited about the learning opportunity and experience,” she says.

Williamsburg Christian Academy

The Cordles were looking for relief from social pressure on their daughter and a program that could cater to the needs of their son, who has learning disabilities.

Terri Cordle says that her daughter, Anna, experienced “intense social pressure” at Toano Middle and Walsingham Academy before they transferred her to Williamsburg Christian.

Anna’s experience at the school convinced the Cordles to transfer their sons, Thomas and Paul, from D.J. Montague a year later.

Terri was impressed by the school’s acceptance of Thomas’ learning disabilities. “WCA has a heart for children who need a little extra help. That’s what brought it home, that we could all be a family here.”

W-JCC Public Schools

Sometimes, parents don’t find what they’re looking for in private school. That was the case with Christina and Kevin Trevillian. Their daughter, Naomi, a ninth-grader at Jamestown High, was home schooled in India for eighth grade and attended Williamsburg Christian for seventh. Their daughter, Victoria, still attends Williamsburg Christian. Their younger son and daughter are home schooled.

The Trevillians made the decision to enroll Naomi at Jamestown because of the programs the school system could offer for Naomi’s special needs as well as her desire to experience public school.

Kevin says, “She was looking for a different kind of social activity. We’re letting her do it and see if it’s a good learning environment for her. If she’s not happy and getting what she needs, we’ll look into other alternatives. You just have to try it out.”

2007-08 transfers

• Williamsburg Montessori School: Nine students transferred in from public schools. Five will leave at the end of the year from an elementary student body of 67.

• Providence Classical School: Eight students transferred in from public schools and four from other private schools. There are 84 students at the school, not including kindergarten.

• Walsingham Academy: 20 students came to the Upper School and 31 to the Lower School from public schools. Five students have disenrolled or will leave at the end of the year to attend public school. There are 370 students in the Upper School and 410 in the Lower School.

• Williamsburg Christian Academy: Over the last three years, the school has experienced increases due to public school transfers of 12.1 percent (07-08), 7.8 percent (06-07) and 8.2 percent (05-06) based on an average enrollment of 300.

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